Make your vision powerful. LYNE is an online design studio that focuses on start-ups and young professionals. To get started, you need a logo and the corresponding corporate style, LYNE will help you with designing and realizing your vision. LYNE is also the best choice for other multimedia designs.

My name is Merel. Founder and owner of LYNE. 3 years ago I started graphic designing and have been actively improving my skills ever since. I am studying Creative Business at the Hogeschool in Utrecht (2nd year student). In my network more and more people started their own business and what stood out was that they all had trouble with finding unique but affordable graphic design. When you just started your own business you do not want to spend a fortune for a logo and some business cards right? This is why I started LYNE. LYNE offers start-ups the graphic design they need for an affordable price.

Graphic design for an honest and affordable price, focussed on start-ups and young entrepreneurs.

Besides start-ups and young entrepreneurs, LYNE also offers lots of different possibilities for individuals and businesses. Check the page ‘prices’ for more information and to see what LYNE can do for you and/or your business!

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