My name is Merel. Founder and proud owner of LYNE.

Since 3 years I am actively involved in Multimedia Design. I study International Communication & Media in Utrecht. In my circle of friends, more and more people started their own business. What struck me was that starters should pay the top price for a logo, website design or promotion material. As a start-up you don’t want to spend a lot on your logo, but you have no choice. Because what is a company without a logo?

That’s why I set up LYNE. LYNE offers start-ups the multimedia design they need for a fair and affordable price.

In addition to start-ups, individuals and companies can also contact LYNE. Look at the “possibilities” page for more information and what LYNE can mean to you and/or your company. 

Want to know more about me? Feel free to take a look at my LinkedIn page.

Looking for more information and free advice? Send me an email or message via the contact form!

Make your vision powerful. LYNE is an online design studio that focuses on start-ups and young professionals. To get started, you need a logo and the corresponding corporate style, LYNE will help you with designing and realizing your vision. LYNE is also the best choice for other multimedia designs.

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